On-site classes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          B-learning classes

The MSc in Commercial Direction and Marketing is oriented to the training of top professionals in two of the most sensitive areas of any business organization: Commercial Direction and Marketing. The compatibility of these areas in a single training path allows graduates to acquire an integrative vision of the relationship between companies and the market, thus enhancing their success.

The solid preparation provided by an innovative learning environment and strong relationship with practice allows the acquisition and development of skills such as:

  • Strategic, systemic and integrative vision of commercial and marketing activities and their interrelation;
  • Ability to identify, understand and act on the strengths and weaknesses and distinctive capacities of the company, integrated by the analysis of the environment in which the company is inserted;
  • Domain of tools, methods and techniques that enable an optimization of efficiency and effectiveness in commercial and marketing decision making;
  • Development of creative skills for the search for innovative and differentiating answers;
  • Abilities, attitudes and values that are consistent with the exercise of functions and positions of high responsibility in companies.


Administrator and Commercial Director | Marketing Director | National Account Manager | Key Account Manager | Business Unit Manager / Sales Manager | Country Manager | Channel Manager | Director of Sales / Head of Sales | Export Director | Director of External Relations | Consultant and advisor of commercial and marketing management | Non-profit Marketing Officer | Teaching and Research in Marketing 

1st YEAR

1st Semester

Subjects                                                                                               ECTS  

2nd Semester

Subjects                                                                                            ECTS

Integrated Business Communication                                               4

Corporate Finances                                                                             6

Brand Management                                                                             6

Marketing Management                                                                     6

Digital Marketing                                                                                  4

Market Research                                                                                  4

Commercial Direction and International Business                   6

Management of Sales Teams and Negotiation                         4

Service Marketing and B2B                                                           4

Relational Marketing                                                                      4

Research Methodologies                                                              6 

Business Simulation                                                                      6 

2nd YEAR

1st Semester

Subjects                                                                                               ECTS  


        Dissertation                                                                                       30

        Professional Internship                                                                   30 

        Work Project                                                                                      30