“Learning at ISAG is a unique experience! The reality of companies is ISAG’s laboratory “


    The undergraduate degrees in                  Tourism and Hotel Management            provide internships, starting in the          second year, in companies.

     The degree in Business Relations           includes a curricular internship in           the last year of training. 


                                                                          // INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS                   MISSIONS

     ISAG organises missions to other           countries integrated in the training           of its students, that allow the                   contact with international                         professionals and companies. 


                                                                                                                              // INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MISSIONS

         ISAG organises missions to other countries  integrated in                 the training of its students, that allow the contact with                       international professionals and companies.                                  



       //PROFESSIONALS AND COMPANIES                 AT ISAG     

                                                                                       Regular workshops and seminars are               organized within the scope of curricular           units and in an extracurricular context,             allowing ISAG’s students to get in touch           with the experience of professionals and         renowned companies.                                             


                                                                            // JUNIOR CONSULTANT OR                        JUNIOR RESEARCHER:                            YOU CHOOSE

      The students participate in the                preparation of business studies              and sector studies requested by              ISAG’s partner companies and                institutions.                                                 


“Success comes after preparation. Get ready with the best and you shall conquer your place “



             // JOB MARKET BY ISAG                                                                                                          

         The labour market is constantly changing.                 It’s becoming more aggressive, more                         demanding and more competitive.


          At ISAG, we encourage our students to                      develop a proactive and professional                          approach to the labour market.




           // JOB MARKET

         ISAG maintains a constantly                             updated application placement                       list, actively disseminating work                     opportunities to its students and                     alumni.




         // JOB CAMP

        This event puts students and companies                        eye to eye, allowing our students to showcase              their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit with                their potential employers.


                                                                                                         // ISAG BRANDED TALENT

           Being an ISAG’s student is being able to                         develop talents, but it is also developing                         a professional attitude and performance                       of excellence. In this sense, we provide                           workshops and other activities that foster                     skills, to successfully overcome the                                 difficulties of entering the labour market.  


                                                                                                             // INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIPS

       In articulation with our International Relations             Office, the dissemination of international                       internship offers is a permanent. In the                         academic year of 2016/2017, ISAG has                         placed dozens of students in internships                       worldwide.